Technology & Telecommunication Insurance

Covering your business and mitigating your risks around the world

Insuring your contractual obligations

We have helped some major telecom and tech firms organise their insurance for the most challenging parts of the world and ensured that they remain contract compliant even though their insurance requirements are complex.

We can ensure that you get to do your job without worrying about the insurance that your contract outlined that you hold so that your operation can succeed.

Our knowledge will assist your tender

We are well versed in the cover that you will be required to hold in order to be contract compliant with your clients and have excellent relationships with insurers who can provide you with all the liability cover you may need to hold from Workers Compensation and Employers Liability cover to Comprehensive General Liability cover and Defense Base Act insurance when required to be purchased. Speak to us and we can help guide you through the insurance section of your contract document to ensure you have the right cover.

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