Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance

In recent years, much of the responsibility for lawsuits arising from decisions made within an organisation has shifted to the individual.

For this reason, it is critical as an employer to understand the risks associated with the decisions your employees, board members and officers make on behalf of your organisation.

We are able to help your firm arrange Directors & Officers Liability Insurance which is designed specifically to provide your directors and board members with protection against personal liability claims that could be brought against them as a result of their work.

Whilst operating in high risk areas such as Afghanistan or Iraq your key players need protecting as their decision making needs to have the backing of your company by putting this cover in place.

Examples of areas of risk could include:

  • Accusations of conflicts of interest
  • Accusations of fraud or non-compliance pertaining to anti-money laundering regulation
  • Unauthorised payments
  • Errors in decision making
  • Corporate negligence
  • Unwise investment decisions
  • Failure to meet compliance requirements of different worldwide jurisdictions

In addition, this policy can be used as a recruitment tool, as many executives will not serve on a board without a directors and officers policy in place.

We can help you develop a policy based on your exacting requirements.

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