Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Many of the regions around the world that offer rich rewards are also associated with disturbing and dangerous risks

Kidnap insurance has become a “must have” for employers operating in high-risk locations all over the world and the kidnappers are becoming more organised and more sophisticated year on year. Few victims are rescued or released without ransoms being paid.

We can help you obtain specialist, bespoke, Kidnap & Ransom cover which includes the services of professional negotiators and security consultants who know the area where your staff will be operating as well as insurers covering the ransom should an event occur.

Kidnappings can occur in any region of the world but some ‘hot spots’ include:

  • Warzones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • South America
  • Areas suffering from political or social unrest.

Standard precautions you should make include:

  • Conducting risk assessment prior to travel
  • Keeping up to date with Foreign Office advice
  • Registering with relevant Embassies overseas
  • Reviewing necessary safety precautions specific to the environment
  • Limiting the publication / knowledge of your travel plans

Cover can include:

  • Crisis Management fees
  • Legal liability
  • Kidnap / hijack
  • Payment of ransom following abduction or any related threat
  • Injury or death

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