Maritime Security Companies

Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs)

We can assist Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) arrange the cover that they are legally required to hold in order to win contracts and remain contract compliant.
  • Vessels operating in hostile regions like the Gulf of Aden, for example
  • Cover for personnel and goods in war zones and conflict regions i.e.¬†Personal Accident insurance
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance¬†for crew on board vessels
  • Firearm extensions to cover security personnel when required
  • Refuelling liabilities for additional expense or delays in underdeveloped and unstable regions
  • Potential environmental or pollution claims against primary industries and transportation companies

The level of threat off the coast of Somalia may have reduced somewhat from the peak in 2008 but the threat is still there and hijacks occurred as recently as 2017.

PMSCs still operate off the coast of East Africa as well as off the West coast of Africa.

If you are operating in this sector then we can assist you in relation to organising maritime security insurance to ensure that you are compliant.

Any other personal, professional or possession-based global liability insurance

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